Faculty Research Interests

Colaguori, Claudio - Sociology of conflict, competition and violence; human rights issues surrounding wrongful convictions with the criminal justice system, and the popularity of television crime programs and their relation to authoritarian attitude formation.

Das Gupta, Tania
- Race, gender and class concerns for the workplace; labour market; families; multiculturalism; South Asian diaspora; immigrant women's activism; labour movement

Derayeh, Minoo - Gender and religion; modernity and tradition; religion and social justice; multicultural and multiracial education.

Foster, Lorne - social justice and human rights, social inequality and social stratification, anti-racism and anti-discrimination, and the marginalization of racialized urban communities.

Goodman, Mark J. - Slavery and enslaved communities in the Americas; African-American family structure and culture; racism and colonial practices; state authority and the retrenchment of the equality agenda in the United States since the 1960s.

Jacobs, Merle - Employment equity for racial minorities and aboriginal people: including social justice, setup and backlash, nursing and collegiality. Vicarious trauma when working in helping professions; race as a category. Burmese refugees in Toronto: trauma in ethnic women, social justice and human rights, relocation, and ties with Burma/related activist groups in Canada.

Lawrence, Bonita - Regulation of Native identify; gender and colonization; Indigenous justice, sovereignty and literature; traditional Native singing.

McNab, David - Aboriginal Land and Treaty Rights issues in Canada; British imperial history; Canadian history; Ontario history.

Moghissi, Haideh - Middle East politics and culture; Islam and gender; human rights; diversity, ethnicity and immigration; race relations and policies.

Ouedraogo, Awalou - International Law; Human Rights and Humanitarian Law; Constitutional Law; History and Philosophy of International Society; War and Peace; Law and Society; Democracy; State Formation in Africa.

Oikawa, Mona - Race and anti-racism studies; gender and culture studies; internment of Japanese Canadians.

Perchal, Walter - terrorism, pandemic, international security issues.

Quirt, Maggie - Indigenous/settler relations; reconciliation and restitution; critical race studies; equity, diversity, and inclusion work in municipal government spaces.

Visano, Livy - Media and Youth Gangs, critical legal and cultural criminology, served as consultant to federal, provincial and local governments and agencies.