The Department of Equity Studies (DES) offers a safe learning environment that provides students with an understanding of social issues that shape Canada and our Global community.  Our courses help introduce students to diverse communities within Canada using critical thinking and current events which considers the lived experience within scholarly research. Students will gain a critical grounding in theories, and research methods in ways that allow them to link their education with several degrees and certificates. DES welcomes students who are interested in Diaspora Studies, Human Rights, Canadian Multiculturalism, Race and Racism and Indigenous Studies.  DES also provides General Education courses in Social Sciences. Topics include Male Female relations, Health and Equity, Sexuality, Gender & Society, Globalization & the Human Condition, and Justice for Children.

DES has developed an Indigenous degree and we look forward to speaking with you about this opportunity.

The Department of Equity Studies offers the Human Rights and Equity Studies (HREQ) program. Some of our students choose to do a double major combining our two degrees. Alternatively, you can do a double major with a program outside DES in the Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies.

Along with the Indigenous Studies degree currently under MIST, you have the option of pursuing a number of certificates, including the Certificate in Indigenous Studies, Certificate in Anti-Racist Research and Practice (CARRP) and a Certificate in Refugee and Migration Studies (in conjunction with the Centre for Refugee Studies).

Both of our degrees allow you to continue your studies in areas of law, education, health,  government, human rights and social justice.

In addition, DES has negotiated access into the accelerated program in Social Service Worker Program in Seneca College and upon completion of that you will be eligible to be licensed by the Ontario Association of Social Workers and Social Service Workers.

You have all these options to consider and we are here to help you explore these opportunities. Please feel free to contact us at 416-736-5235 or email to deqs@yorku.ca or just drop-in and see us in Room 302 Atkinson, Pond Road.

In DES we have a student association (Equity Studies Student Association, ESSA) that works with our faculty and staff to assist you throughout your university career. They will be very happy to hear from and have you join them. Feel free to contact ESSA at 416-736- 2100 extension 33835 or email them essayork@gmail.com. Find them on Facebook. You can also follow DES on twitter and Facebook.

DES includes highly regarded and renowned professors such as Professors Claudio Colaguori, Tania Das Gupta, Minoo Derayeh, Lorne Foster, Mark J. Goodman, Merle Jacobs, Bonita Lawrence, James Laxer, David McNab, Mona Oikawa, Awalou Ouedraogo,  Walter Perchal, Maggie Quirt, Livy Visano. Our faculty advocate for social justice and rights both in their research and in their community outreach.

You can make an appointment to speak to our UPD or our Chair via the department. If you have questions about our programs please feel free to contact us.